Our Story

6640 Wilkinson Blvd

JC and Maria Vargas realize that small towns like Belmont are built on history and tradition. The small town architecture is what connects us to our diverse past. We challenge the notion that new is better. We realize that the look and feel of a small town is what drew residents here in the first place.

Bishop Motelbo2

This is the cause that transforms communities from places we live – into
Places people want to be
Places people want to visit
Places people want to move
Places people love
Small town architecture is “good for your soul” and environment

Delux Motello

Residents of Belmont since 2004, JC and Maria Vargas decided to move their businesses to Belmont in 2014. The goal was not to find a “cookie cutter” shopping center space; but to find a building they could revive and give a new life. As they looked for office space, they weren’t finding what they had envisioned. All of that changed one day, when they drove into 6640 Wilkinson Blvd. The property was originally built in 1944 and run as the Bishop Motel. It was built during the developing era of “motor court” motels. They consisted of a classic small house in front (where the innkeeper usually lived) and “horse shoe shaped motor court” of single level, outside-entry motel rooms. Motor lodges popped up in small towns across America and thrived as families travelled by automobile like never before. Over time, few were left as they were bull-dozed to be replaced with modern retail strip malls and hotels. The Delux Motel had changed hands several times and sat vacant and in disrepair until JC and Maria bought it in 2014.

JC and Maria knew that Belmont was missing an upscale, professional office suite complex. An office complex where the architecture was preserved , and amenities updated. The motor court lends itself to a cool open air concept where each office has its own outside entrance and private bathroom. The beauty of this project is that it has preserved the original character, with an updated, craftsman style twist.